BeatNik Internet Clock Skins

Skinning News
Jan 12, 2000Updated the Skin Factory tips section.
July 1, 1999Posted six new skin submissions from Rob. Five are in abstract and one is in pictures.
June 28, 1999Added two new abstract fonts and two new picture/art based fonts.
 Another site is posting BeatNik skins! Visit Tronds Dungeon.
June 22, 1999 now has a BeatNik skins section!
June 15, now has a BeatNik skins section! Check it out.

Skin Factory Tips
  • In the Skin Factory, Control-Left-Click sets the time position and Shift-Left-Click sets the internet access indicator position.
  • New to build 14: Control-Shift-Left-Click sets the date position.
  • If you are looking for free fonts to include in your skins check Larabie Fonts.
  • Use transparent GIFs to make the clock non-rectangular.
  • To create your animated GIFs I suggest Gif Movie Gear.
  • Do not use optimized GIFs as each frame in the GIF does not include all the picture information, so all frames other than the first will look horrible.
  • On fonts.
    Builds through 13: To include a font in your skin you must use the Load Font.. button and find the *.ttf file for that font. If you simply have that font installed on your system and check include the font without specifically loading the font into the editor, the font file will not be included with your skin. I have had many submissions that were using custom fonts that were not included in the skin (thus they are not posted).
    Build 14 and later: To include fonts in your skin use the Manage Fonts dialog (by clicking Manage Fonts on the Date or Display tabs in the Skin Factory) to "Add fonts". You will see a list of all fonts currently installed in the skin.
Abstract & Other Skins
Picture- & Drawing-based Skins

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